Chi Fit – A New Concept in Health and Fitness!

A new concept in health and fitness – imagine if you could achieve all the benefits of a workout in the gym, but without strain or impact on the joints, ligaments or muscles?

Chi Fit is a new form of fitness class, utilising one of the key facets of chi kung, t’ai chi and other similar systems – effortlessness and relaxation! All the movements, forms and static postures will provide all the benefits of a cardio-vascular workout, along with improved overall fitness, flexibility, body balance, use of the breath and posture. Health benefits include strengthened immune system, improved organ function, weight control, stress relief and just generally feeling good about life!

Classes are intended to be fun and dynamic, with a great selection of music to help get the vibe going, but with a nice relaxation section at the end.

As well as a qualified and experienced chi kung instructor, Mark is a qualified gym instructor and stress manager and Chi Fit classes are programmed to exercise all parts of the body through carefully planned exercise routines.

Classes are still being planned but keep an eye on our classes page for further details of classes coming in your area!