Your Instructor

Your Qigong4Health instructor, Mark Lythgoe, has many years experience of various martial arts, where he was first introduced over twenty years ago to Qigong, as a means of developing balance, calmness, physical health and mental focus.Prayer position

Since then Mark took that experience and further developed his skills at The College of Elemental Chi Kung, where he completed a two year practitioners certificate, as well as a further year long advanced internal alchemy course and has continued to update his knowledge and experience with further training. In particular Mark incorporates various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into his classes, with a strong focus on five element and meridian theory along with the related key organs, so that students gain an understanding of the benefits of Qigong in relation to these elements and their bodies.


Mark is also qualified as an instructor of the first set of Taichi Qigong Shibashi, being one of a very small number of instructors in the UK to have been certificated by the originator of this system, Professor Lin Housheng and therefore teaching the original authentic system. He has also trained and qualified in the second and third sets of Taichi Qigong Shibashi and historically as a gym instructor, reflexology, hypnotherapy, reiki and stress management.

Contact Mark now to find out about Taichi Qigong classes in the Belper, Derbyshire area, including personal 1-1 tuition.