Personal Tuition

Qigong promotes a natural self healing process and inspires true balance with harmonious health. Whatever your size, weight or state of health, Qigong can be adapted to meet your own personal needs but always consult your GP if unsure this is right for you. If you have health problems, or suffer the effects of stress, Qigong can be applied accordingly with gentle energy forms and exercises. If you want to improve sports performance, then with correct supervision other sets of forms and postures can be used which are highly effective for developing internal strength, power and energy.

Qigong exercises, which involve gentle movements, are very mindful and meditative, creating stillness plus encouraging a calm body and a clear mind, with one of the immediate benefits being stress relief. Regular practice has a cumulative effect, helping to clear physical blockages and stagnant thought patterns, increase energy, heighten immunity and promote longevity.

Personal tuition costs just £35 for a one hour session, or £185 for 6 sessions booked in advance.

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