Qigong is an effortless, easy way to a healthier, fitter and more relaxed mind and body!
Classes now available in the Bury, Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall, Lancashire area


For a fitter mind and body, Qigong is ideal as it gently stimulates and improves cardio-vascular condition but without any of the sweat or strain!


With forms practiced both standing and on floor mats, an improved overall level of flexibility will develop through the whole body.

Body Balance

With movements and standing postures focussed around the central axis of the body, the body develops a stronger overall integrity of structure.


With elemental Qigong we pay particular attention to the key organs and energetic structure of the body, ensuring a healthy flow of chi for health and vitality.

Strength and Conditioning

Qigong involves postures and movements which help to tone the whole body and increase overall muscle strength and condition.

Active relaxation

With a focus on gentle movement combined with correct breathing, Qigong enables a truly relaxed body and mind.

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